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My name is Kai. I am a mother of two beautiful children, one boy and one girl! I have a passion for photography, people, and life’s precious moments. It is so important to me to capture beautiful, emotional moments of my client’s lives. Nothing stands the test of time like photography, and although capturing these moments of your children growing up is incredibly important to you, so will the documentation of their growth be to them. I know I love to look back at photos of myself and smile, laugh, and sometimes ask my mother what she was thinking putting me in that outfit!


I began my journey in photography while in high school and absolutely love what I do! I pride myself on ensuring your photo shoot will be a fun-filled, delightful experience. My photography is about the experience and is more than just the click of the camera. I want each client to walk away with a smile on their face & to be able to carry that smile every time they look back on their photographs.


Looking forward to meeting your family.


with Love,


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Location: Brampton, Ontario

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